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Spies vs FBI

Welcome to the world capital of espionage! There are spies all around us, many even look like us. And today some of you will look and act like one of them. Although you have not been formally recruited or trained, there is no government or large payment involved, or national security at stake, you have now entered a thrilling chase of Spy vs FBI. Some of you will be spies, and some of you will be FBI, but all of you will be solving clues and racing to the end. The Spies will race to find the secret drop from their handler before the FBI catches them.

Your team will follow clues to get to various locations. Get to that location and take a picture! Use clues from the location and associated page on the website to figure out the codeword. If you are right, you will be able to proceed to the next clue (it will tell you the text is wrong until you have it spelled right).

Whoever gets to the drop first wins! Will the spies make it out with the prize or will the FBI beat them too it? As an added side quest, the spies want to remain unseen by the FBI if possible!


As with every case, you will need evidence - take pictures of your entire group at each of the sites, and upload them to the Google Photos Album. If you have need to speak to your handler or chief, be sure to use the encypted GroupMe chat! (Links for photos and GroupMe on the next page).

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