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You found the Drop

Look around for an artificial concealing stone. If you're the first ones here, you'll find a paper underneath.

Use your tools to reveal the hidden message and look forward to the prize. In any case a job well done!

In shadows deep, where secrets lie,
A game of wit beneath the sky.
With Spy and FBI, the chase began,
A thrilling quest, a cunning plan.


Through twists and turns, they danced the night,
With minds ablaze, and hearts alight.
Now, victorious, the quest is done,
Congratulations on a race well-run!

With stealth and skill, you played your part,
In this game of intrigue, you won our hearts.
So raise a glass, let celebrations ring,
To our spy triumphant, in the shadows' wing!

If you have more time...

Mark of as much as you can of the traditional scavenger hunt!

9. Mission Accomplished.png
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